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Antonio Acosta

About us

Welcome to the world of CREO, where sensuality and sustainability meet to redefine what underwear feels like. Imagined in New York and manufactured in Mexico City, we at CREO pride ourselves in creating a thoughtful, timeless, and boundless collection of premium underwear.

Traditional men's underwear has long since been focused exclusively on utility, reserving sex appeal and quality materials for women's pieces only. And yet, some women find themselves more comfortable in men’s briefs.  CREO erases the line to allow for the best of both worlds, a fluid and sexy collection without the constraints of gender.  At CREO we are stepping into sexy. We first begin through reimagining the classic brief for a boxier build and introducing sensual materials that feel as flattering as they look.

As environmental consciousness is the new baseline, the production process for our fabric is a closed-loop system; meaning that over 95% of the water and solvents used in production are recycled and reused, ensuring that our fabrics are primarily biodegradable.

At CREO, we live first and foremost in the foundation of art.  As such, we know that creation takes time and requires evolution. Just as humanity experiences the eternal rhythm of birth and rebirth, we strive to mimic this life cycle in our creative process through identity and community.  We seek out like-minded artists to align with in hopes of building a world far greater than underwear.  We want to hear from every body and create a space for community to inspire conversation around sex and our bodies. Join us on this journey as we redefine what underwear feels like, for all. 

Welcome to the world of CREO.

Grant Legan by Masha Maltsava

Meet the founder

In 2022, Grant embarked on a mission to create a timeless line of underwear that focuses on the importance of premium materials and fabrics, prioritizing comfort along with style. With an extensive background in photography encompassing various industries, Grant has assisted both emerging and established brands in nurturing their unique visual identities. This led him to develop a product where artistic visuals take center stage. The brand name 'Creo' originates from the Latin word 'create', symbolizing its artistic foundation.

Grant and CREO: Born amidst the electrifying energy of NYC, a city that fueled Grant's imagination and nurtured his creative spirit, this brand has flourished under the vibrant embrace of his artistic community. Crossing borders and cultures, CREO materializes in Mexico, a country that resonates with Grant's heritage and fuels his artistic passions. CREO embarks on its journey from the iconic city of Chicago, where Grant's story originated and where briefs first emerged in the 1930s.